Shenzhen Sontu Medical Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd. SONTU, Imaging Technology Detector

SONTU Responsibility  To provide the world with leading technology, cost-effective medical imaging products and services, to devote itself to human health undertakings.

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  Shenzhen Sontu Medical Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd. was specialized in medical imaging equipment research and development, production, sales and service of national high-tech enterprises, based in Shenzhen, China.Sales, service network throughout the country.

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Sontu Cloud

SONTU iMCloud: Let the remote diagnosis in touch
SONTU iMCloud makes the hospitals which have no diagnostic ability to enjoy professional guidance to complete the diagnosis.
SONTU iMCloud makes the superior hospital to expand the business of helping the grass-roots, and to promote referral treatment.
On SONTU iMCloud, there are a large number of remote diagnostic experts, to achieve "A serious illness can be treated within the county, An ailment can be cured within the township".

Integrated Console

Integrated console: Exclusive in the industry, perfect match with Deep DR products
Integrated console integrating multiple functions (rack control, high-pressure exposure, voice prompts)
A key to achieve automatic positioning chest X-ray integrated console
An integrated console that allows compartments to operate without space constraints
Ergonomically designed integrated console

Bone Mineral Density

SONTU BMD: High value-added functions with one machine dual-use.
SONTU BMD: A function that can detect osteoporosis on DR.
SONTU BMD: Low radiation, easy operation.
SONTU BMD: Reasonable design, excellent manufacture

Intelligent Height Recongnitio

Intelligent Height Recognition: Created by SONTU firstly, advanced function of automatically identifying the height.
Intelligent Height Recognition: Installed with the photoelectric automatic sensing system.
Intelligent Height Recognition: Simple structure, Easy installation.
Intelligent Height Recognition: Helping to do shooting task for mass physical examination.

Virtual dual subtraction

vDES: Easily to achieve separation of the bone and flesh.
vDES: Original Imaging → Software Processing = Soft Tissue Imaging + Bone Imaging
vDES: Easily achieved by software, say "NO" to complex hardware facilities.
vDES: No need to do double exposure, No motion artifacts.
vDES: Improving the capability of detection of early lesions.

Full Length Stitching

Full Length Stitching: Breaking the shoot size limitations of flat-panel .
Full Length Stitching: Stitching multiple images.
Full Length Stitching: Helping a variety of disease examination, surgery, orthopedic.
Full Length Stitching: Helping a variety of disease program development, postoperative recovery.

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Imaging Technology Sontu Far away
  SONTU inherits the advantages of advanced technology in North America and insists on independent innovation. It has obtained computer software copyright and technology patents issued by a number of national copyright offices and fully possesses independent intellectual property rights of digital X-ray imaging technology. The products are favored by users due to their superior image quality, stable performance and powerful advanced applications. They have been awarded the title of "Top Three" hospitals including Hunan Provincial People's Hospital, Anhui Liberation Army 105 Hospital and Huludao Central Hospital. Agency approval.
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